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Freight System !

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Simpler. Faster. Better. The Efficient, Easy Freight System, Save yourself 20,000 phone calls per year, Patent Pending , Online Negotiating System, Finally a No Call, No Fax System. Sign-up Now for a 30 day free Trial

Do multiple searches.
Bid on multiple loads per truck.
Review new loads on your search in real time.
When a shipper accepts your bid a Rate Confirmation will appear for your digital signature, you're done.
 Once you accept a Rate Confirmation, all of your other bids are no longer valid and automatically disappear.
Stop calling on loads that are gone.

Carrier Package

Search 10+ cities at a time.
Bid on multiple loads.

Take multiple bids on 20+ shipments.

Quadruple your productivity.

Save 20,000 Phone Calls Per Year. 
 Negotiate your loads online.
 Instant Rate Negotiation.
Computer Generated Rate Confirmations.
Integrates With Accounting Systems.
 View Company Packets Online for Easy Setup.
The only phone calls you should be making are new sales calls.

Broker Package

Post your load and receive bids from multiple carriers in real time.
Post your load to Preferred List or to All. Negotiate price, pick up times, delivery times online.
Review a carrier's packet.
Review new bids in real time.
Automatically generate
Rate Confirmations.
Once you accept terms with your carrier, your load will automatically be removed from the system.
Export your transactions into your accounting system.

Stop taking 200 phone calls for one load.

Shipper Package

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